sonic icecream menu

Sonic Ice Cream Menu

Sonic ice cream menu includes all the favorite icecreams of local US people. Most of the people after mealing at Sonic Drive-in choose their delicious ice cream as a dessert or a sweet post-meal including me.

If you are a sweet lover after having a salty spicy meal, the Sonic ice cream menu must have listed your favorite ice cream flavors which you will love. All the icecreams from Sonic’s menu are custom-made, no third party is making them. Including all other meals, Sonic has improved its ice cream taste over the period of time, this is the reason why Sonic menu prices has increased a little bit.

An amazing thing I like the most about Sonic icecreams is customization, you can even choose your favorite toppings over your ice cream at a very minimal price which every single customer at Sonic does.

Sonic IcecreamsPrices
Waffle Sundae flavors: Chocolate and Reese’s peanut butter, m&m’s candy chocolates.2.99 USD
Real Ice Cream Sundae flavors: Strawberry, caramel, pineapple, hot fudge, chocolate.1.99 USD
Molten Cake Sundaes Rich Chocolate hot fudge filled Cake + Topped with Real Ice Cream flavors: fudge brownie, turtle, strawberry banana split.4.29 USD
Sonic Master BlastsPRICES
Mini Blast3.39 USD
Small Blast3.89 USD
Medium Blast4.59 USD
Large Blast5.99 USD
Mini Sonic Blast2.89 USD
Small Sonic Blast3.39 USD
Medium Sonic Blast4.09 USD
Large Sonic Blast5.49 USD

Sonic Sundae Menu

Vanilla Cone$2.00
Ice Cream Dish$2.49
Hot Fudge Sundae$3.65
Caramel Sundae$3.65
Strawberry Sundae$3.65

Famously Eaten from Sonic Ice cream Menu

All the icecreams mentioned below are frequently sold at Sonic Drive-in, you can even notice every single person their holding these icecream flavors after having meals. Including me when i travel with my husband, i choose from the following.

Sonic Blast:

Sonic Blast is a personalized name by Sonic for a deliciously made ice cream shake with many different add-ons you can choose on-demand by asking to them. There are many different sizes available of this blas at Sonic Drive-in which you can buy according to your cravings. The most popular flavors of this drinky icecreams are oreo, chocolate, and mix fruity.

Vanilla Cone:

After Sonic Blast, this is the most popular ice cream of Sonic which you can avail for just $2, in just this price, you can select your toppings over and they will not charge any extra amount.

Hot Fudge Sundae:

Don’t be confused by its name, its hot fudge but not hot, it’s actually a thick creamy ice cream glass with some cherry and chocolate syrup as toppings.

Best Things About Sonic Icecream Noticed

  • One of the best ice-cream you can have while traveling at a very cheaper price.
  • Thick whipped cream is used in their ice-cream which always adds taste and milky touch to every bite.
  • Always Hygienic.


Does sonic ice cream have xylitol?
Yes, almost all ice creams of Sonic possess xylitol as an artificial sweetener.

Can i give my pet dog Sonic icecream?
It is better to avoid giving your dog any ice cream that has Xylitol because it’s an artificial sweetener that may harm your pet’s health by creating toxicity.

Does sonic serve ice cream all day?
Yes, It serves its delicious icecreams all day.

Why does sonic ice cream not melt?
It’s a very famous myth that sonic icecream doesn’t melt, it do melts just as other icecreams, there isnt nay special treatment that Sonic gives to their icecream recipes.

What brand of ice cream does sonic use?
There is not a third-party brand that Sonic uses for ice-creams, all the ice-creams used by Sonic is made by the company itself.

What is Sonic ice cream made of?
Sonic icecream is made of all real icecream, they use thick fresh whipped cream in making their tasty icecreams. 

Does Sonic offer any dairy-free ice cream at their takeaway?
Not yet, but recent reports about Sonic Drive-in have shown that the company is thinking about launching soon their dairy-free icecreams for their local customers in the USA like they launched a gluten-free menu.

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